Faith Formation Remote Learning 2020-2021

Our Faith Formation program for grades 1-9 will be held remotely until further notice. 
All lessons will be held via a live zoom chat on the scheduled dates.
All parents will receive an email with the zoom link prior to the lesson.


Confirmation preparation is a 2-year process of developing a deeper understanding of the faith before completing the 6-hour “immediate preparation” for receiving the sacrament in the fall of 9th grade.

Our 7th and 8th Graders will work through the “Chosen” program, watching a short DVD and allowing time for group discussion about how we put our faith into action, then go on to complete small assignments at home which will be discussed in the next class. We encourage parents to work with their child on the homework so you will have the opportunity to know more about what they are learning.

In order to keep the class time running smoothly, it is imperative that children arrive on time and bring their book to every lesson. (Classes are only once or twice a month) 

Before each lesson, you will be sent an email telling you a little about what your child will be learning at that lesson. This will give you an overview of the “Chosen” program and also give you the opportunity to ask your child questions.

This is an exciting program developed by some of the top youth ministers and leaders in the country and has had great success.

The following guidelines are to support you, the parents, as primary educators of the faith.  


  • Attending parent/child meetings and signing the Confirmation Covenant
  • Regular attendance at Sunday Mass
  • Regular attendance at faith formation classes (no more than 2 excused absences and an email or phone call to the office explaining any absence)
  • Completion of the Chosen workbook, levels 1 and 2 (7th and 8th grade)
  • Research and completion of the saint report
  • Completion of 20 hours of community service and write up about your experience and the impact it had on you (service must always be for NO compensation and should include service to the parish)
  • A reflection about your preparation and why you want to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation
  • Completion of the sponsor form and certificate with a write up explaining why you have chosen this person (follow the guidelines for choosing a sponsor)

All information needed for Confirmation can be downloaded by clicking the links provided to the right, or contact the Faith Formation office at 203.869-5421, press 201.


Forms and Guidelines

Confirmation Preparation
Grade 7 & 8

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Immediate Confirmation Preparation - Grade 9