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Faith Formation Overview and Remote Learning for 2020-2021

Our Faith Formation program for grades 1-9 will be held remotely until further notice. 
All lessons will be held via a live zoom chat on the scheduled dates.
All parents will receive an email with the zoom link prior to the lesson.


What is the most difficult part of this program?

The biggest challenge for families is to find a specific time to complete Family Formation.  After the first parent lesson, parents and children should come together and agree on a time, put it in writing, and commit to setting this one hour aside each week.  For many, the traditional Wednesday CCD afternoon works.  Others choose Sundays and use their Family of Faith time as part of the way they keep the Sabbath holy.

How can parents who aren’t adequately catechized teach their children the faith at home?

Parents do not have to be experts in the faith to be part of the Family of Faith program.  Each lesson is written for the lay person, in a user-friendly language. By simply spending a small amount of time in preparation each week, parents can become familiar with the topic on the upcoming lesson.  Additional references from Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church are given for those interested in further study.  One of the richest blessings of Family of Faith comes as families learn about the beauty and truth of the Catholic faith together.  Many parents have commented that through Family of Faith, they themselves have come to learn and understand the Catholic faith for the first time.

How do you include younger and older children in the Home Lessons?

Each home lesson offers parents a great deal of flexibility and a variety of activities.  This allows parents, who are the best judge of their child’s needs, skills, and attention span, to tailor lessons accordingly.  We encourage parents to challenge, but not overwhelm their children.  With younger children, it is recommended you approach topics at the most basic level knowing that they will be covered again the next time through the four-year cycle.

I am a single parent/my spouse is not Catholic.  Will this work for me?

Absolutely!  All parents are given the graces necessary to lead their children to our Heavenly Father.  The additional effectiveness of family-based catechesis is a wonderful blessing to families in these more difficult situations.  The clear, simple explanations of the faith are a great way for a non-Catholic parent to learn about Catholicism and to have their questions answered.


What do we need to do to begin implementing Family of Faith? PRAY!  PRAY!  PRAY!
As many people as possible are asked to pray for this vision to become rooted in the hearts of our families.

Click here to download the Family Formation Presentation.

What is Family of Faith?

Family of Faith is a unique family religious education program that actively involves parents in the faith formation of their children.

Why Family of Faith?

The purpose of this program is to help families grow in love and knowledge of the Catholic Faith and to assist parents in their role as the primary educators in the faith for their children.  It provides families with the tools to support the faith development of the children and the family as the “domestic church”.

How does Family of Faith work?

Family of Faith consists of two parts:  the first of four monthly lessons will be taught remotely to parents (until further notice) and the other three are to be completed at home as a family.

Parents will attend a monthly instructional class remotely on a specific topic. The parents will receive formation in the theme and strategies on how to teach the follow-up lessons with their children. Lessons take place from September through May and are mandatory.  Parents make the commitment that they will set aside one hour each week to do a “faith lesson” with their children. Lessons are done as a family with all ages working together. All the materials and necessary information are given to the parents to complete home lessons. Lessons focus on the four pillars of the Catholic Church and are driven by Scripture. Faith within the family will grow and become deeper.  

What if I don’t own a Bible?

Don’t worry, we have you covered! Contact Loren Procaccini, your Faith Formation Director and she will be happy to get you one.

What does Family of Faith look like at St. Michael?

The program that will involve volunteer families with children from grades one through six.  

The formation will take place one Sunday of each month beginning with Mass and followed by the instructional meetings.

Parents will receive their formation and the home lesson instruction. The following week the family can come together remotely and receive support and guidance from a catechist as they walk this journey together.

The catechists for the students will be trained before the session to learn how to present the information to the family.  

What happens with First Reconciliation and First Communion?

 All students preparing for their First Holy Communion (usually second graders) will attend a retreat with at least one parent. Each child will come to understand their new relationship with Jesus through the Eucharist. A fun way to get the parents and children learning together!


Contact Loren Procaccini,
203.869-5421, press 201.

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